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Staying 〉 Connected

2020-2021 Return to Program Guide

There are many questions regarding what the future of our programs will look like. We have been continuously monitoring all pertinent information from the CDC, local Department of Public Health, DDS and Regional Center. We have been working diligently to prepare for the safe return of individuals. Now that DDS has provided their directive that includes a draft for safe re-introduction of services we want to share the plans we have developed to address the multifaceted needs of the individuals we support during the ongoing public health crisis. The plans being shared are in draft format, will be person centered, and are subject to change based on ongoing regulatory guidance from DDS and local and state Public Health Departments.



  1. Deliver services in accordance with our program’s mission and core values.
  2. Prioritize the health, safety, and wellbeing of the all individuals associated with Vocational Innovations, including the individuals we support, their homes, and our employees.
  3. Develop meaningful curriculum and activities that allow for flexibility, meet the individual needs and also lend themselves to the changes in health circumstances as our community gets a handle on this pandemic.
  4. Provide individuals and families with high-quality options based on the most appropriate model for the specific individual.



Our Commitment to You

In order to mitigate the risk of potentially spreading COVID-19, Vocational Innovations staff will be trained on CDC and Department of Public Health guidelines. We have currently limited access to our building to reduce the unnecessary exposure. Our employees are required to complete trainings associated with COVID-19 precautions, Universal Precautions, and proper use of PPE.

Vocational Innovations will enforce frequent hand washing practices, disinfecting areas of high contact, use of masks, hand sanitizer, and daily temperature checks (for both staff and clients) along with symptom screening prior to starting their workday. Any time there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 or Covid-19 symptoms are displayed homes will be notified, individuals will be asked to stay home, and CDC guidelines will be followed before they can return to program.

We are also raising awareness and offering training to the individuals we support on the pandemic. Topics covered include a break down of what the coronavirus is, the safety measures put in place and why they are important, and what to do when experiencing symptoms.



Three Options

Vocational Innovations is committed to doing everything we can to safely re-introduce clients back into our program so that we may continue to support them in achieving their goals.

Remote programming tools have been instrumental in helping us stay connected and provide opportunities for distance learning while maintaining the health and safety of our communities. This is a temporary service delivery model and one that is not an ideal long-term substitute for the interpersonal, social, and emotional benefits of the traditional day program model.

Our plans include for three possibilities, allowing us to respond quickly to everchanging circumstances and adhere to changes in directives and guidelines from regulatory agencies, including DDS, Department of Public Health, CDC and Regional Center:


  1. On-Site/Community Based Programming: providing in-person services.
  2. Hybrid Programming: Combination of in-person and remote programming to allow for safe-distancing and reduced capacity limitations.
  3. Remote Programming: Distance learning.


Option #1

On-Site/ Community Based Programming

Vocational Innovations will reintroduce individuals to be served in accordance with Vocational Innovations’ Readiness Assessment. This assessment will be done in collaboration with the individual, day program staff, caregivers/conservators, and any other stakeholders in the individual’s life.

The Readiness Assessment will help determine those who have low health risks, those who express a desire to return, those who demonstrate adherence to COVID-19 safety guidelines.

For individuals who opt for the on-site model, we will assess if we can serve them at the center only or if we can alternatively serve them in the community. For individuals who receive in-person services,: they will be required to have temperature checks, screened for symptoms, wear masks, and frequently wash their hands. To the extent possible, physical distancing will be required and activities which normally require close interaction will be modified. Hours, transportation, and center capacity will follow guidance from DDS. Cleaning and sanitization protocols have been put in place to disinfect daily and more frequently for high touched areas throughout the day with approved cleaning/disinfecting products. For those who are being provided services in the community, there will be temperature checks upon pick up, a designated meet up location at the beginning and at the end of the day. There will be scheduled meaningful activities with schedules made in advance with client input.

Management will ensure schedules are strictly adhered to by conducting unannounced spot checks. We will have stable work groups and schedules. Clients will work with the same job coach every day to limit cross contamination.


Option #2

Hybrid Programming

For individuals who opt for the hybrid model, hybrid programming will be individualized. If you choose this option, your team will meet to discuss how many days will be in person and how many days will be remote programming. Part of remote programming will be specifically designed to increase the individual’s readiness to return to on-site programming. Please see options 1 & 3 for more information.


Option #3

Remote Programming

For individuals who cannot be safely supported on-site for any length of time and/or who do not feel safe returning to program during the pandemic, Vocational Innovations will provide remote programming. Remote services will remain grounded with our program mission and values and may consist of:


Scheduled 1:1

Phone or video calls and/or small group zoom with a job coach. Job coach will be targeting individual’s ISP goals, COVID-19 safety guidelines, activities geared toward skills development, and client’s interest.


Larger group Zoom classes/YouTube tutorials: To address social skills and interactions with peers and celebrate spirit events. Scheduled Zoom classes will be provided to the homes in advance.

Goal Packets

Instructional/goal packets for home to continue practicing with individuals. Guidance/instructions and consultation will be provided.


Phone calls with supervisory staff: These calls provide opportunities to address any challenges or questions. This will also include any modifications or changes to the instructional packets/zoom activities as suggested by the home.

Vocational Innovations

Vocational Innovations participates in the California Deparment of Education Child and Adult Nutrition program and does not discriminate in the provision of services and employment against any person because of race, color, national origin, gender, age or disability.

Department of Developmental Services