Meet Our Administrator

Mr. Franco began working with individuals with developmental disabilities as a social worker for an Adult Day Health Care Center. The owner of the program became his mentor and helped him acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver person-centered services and effectively manage day programs. His Alma Mater’s include Bell High School and Cal State LA. After earning a master’s degree in Business Administration, Mr. Franco transitioned into management and has accumulated over 17 years experience in day program management. During his social work experience, he was moved by the clients’ stories and life experiences. He set out to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through programming that embraces an individual’s independence and choices. Mr. Franco envisioned his programs to be places where clients have meaningful roles in the organization and their own lives, where their input is encouraged, valued and acted upon. He strives to employ individuals with strong advocacy skills who truly care about all aspects of a client’s life. A core value is for staff to demonstrate empathy and recognize that our clients deserve the same treatment as if the roles were reversed. He believes in raising client expectations and encourages clients and staff to identify and fulfill meaningful goals that positively expand a client’s skill set. Mr. Franco is highly active in the daily program operations and has built a strong rapport with clients and staff alike. His programs are continually improving and offering innovative solutions leading to inclusion in the community and the workforce.